Monday, January 19, 2009

Aamir Khan said Sachin Tendulkar is a legend

When the whole Indian cricket group is rallying behind Sachin Tendulkar and lambasting the ICC for putting him 26th in their list of all-time cricketing greats."Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar is definitely one of the greatest cricketers the world has ever seen. His kind of a genius is rare as well as I consider myself fortunate to be counted among his friends. He is a legend says Aamir.

Aamir says there are these little sign from Sachin that always touch his heart. "I still keep in mind attending a party a few years and Sachin was introducing me to Glenn McGrath at the same time as Shane Warne was standing beside him. He told Glenn McGrath, 'the class of person I am on the field, this man is in obverse of the camera.' It feels so good. I was touched. No doubt the two little masters relationship so well. After all, its cricket which binds them.

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