Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Maestro Sachin Tendulkar share some moments from his life

Weeks before one of the sachin's fan among the millions in the world fall in his feet and said your God. But Sachin doesn’t like this type of moments, because he said he is ordinary man not a god .He got many letters from millions fans daily, In that there is lot of letters written by their blood .But sachin reply them that this type of moments not be happen again . And also he is much proud to be that, millions of his fans have great respect on me .I really proud with that. Also he shared that once he and his team mate went to roam in the streets of Sydney. When they return to the hotel they stayed all of them expect these two fly over to Melbourne. They took all his bags in that only they leave all his passport and documents. They have nothing in their hands to move. Both went to airport and said the real condition that they are in at present. The corresponding person identify that this is little maestro sachin tedulkar from India, they done all the necessity to fly from Sydney to Melbourne. Both Sachin and his team mate fly from Sydney to Melbourne without anything (passport and documents).That’s time only sachin knew that millions of his fans have more respect and affection with him. How much he is popular in this universe.

I want to say one thing about maestro that “He is not the God to worship “, But he is called as Cricket God by all his fans in the entire Universe. Me also one among in that,

Wish to live a long time in good health for ever by one among of your fan

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