Sunday, July 5, 2009

No vote for Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar,Pietersen as best rates Aussies

Australia - Melbourne : Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar failed to get a single vote as Cricket Australia's contracted players but chose former England captain Kevin Pietersen as the best batsman in the world from outside their country.More than 17 years Cricket God Tendulkar may have been a thorn in Australia's flesh and Little Master Sachin Tendulkar The King Of The Records but the current 25 Cricket Australia's contracted players did not consider him worth of even a single vote.Instead, they picked former England captain Pietersen as the current best batsman they feared most, giving him 50 per cent votes in a survey conducted in this year,

In comparison

Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar

Matches Against Australians - 29
Scored - 2748
Average - 56.08


Kevin Pietersen

Matches Against Australians - 10
Scored - 963
Average - 53.50

May be a few super cricketer like Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar have lasted through the grind of playing for more than 17 years at a stretch.But they not consider cricket god for a single vote.Its really so much disoppintment to all the Cricket god fans all over the world we are very shame of the selecters for their worst judgement without justice,And i warn every australians as well as all crickters have eligible to vote to select for Cricket Australia's contracted players to be in justice.If the selction was held in justice means our cricket god little master god of cricket maestro sachin tendulkar alawys be the best in the world cricket histroy with cent percent votes. Millions of millions fans all over the world are humble to honour our god of cricket sachin tendulkar.

No one in this world not even compare with him thats our Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar.


  1. Very disappointment to see this news. He(pieterson) is a emerging player no doubt in it, but as a good batsman we can't compare anyboby with sachin tendulkar.

  2. Absolutely a correct, Cricket is a gentleman game, not for money and selfishness. Sachin does not play for India, but for money and selfishness