Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Too hard to beat Cricket god Sachin tendulkar's Records Said Ricky Pointing

MUMBAI - Ricky Ponting said win matches for Australia is his first motive than chase the record-breaking feats of God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar. Still it’s too hard to beat Indian Batsman Sachin tendulkar's Records. It would be fine if Sachin Tendulkar retires soon .He added Sachin Tendulkar 36 had set a benchmark for International cricket players in the world. He is moving into his 20th year in International Cricket.

Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar

In Test Matches - 12,773 runs with 42 centuries.
In ODI Matches - 16,903 runs with 44 centuries.

Ricky Pointing

In Test Matches - 11,345 runs with 38 centuries.
In ODI Matches - 12,044 runs with 28 centuries.

Comparison shows ricky is too far and too hard to achieve the record-breaking feats by Sachin

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