Thursday, June 18, 2009

Indian cricket fans to grow up and accept defeat, says Tendulkar

India went on to lose three Super Eights games in a row and were dumped out of the ICC World Twenty20 tournament on Sunday. I too disappointed all along with the nation. I am confident that the guys planned and tried well, but effects sometimes don't hit it off, Dhoni already apologized for his performance to Indians.

But Indian cricket fans have reacted with rampant anger, burning Dhoni's effigy, shouted slogans, and questioning his leadership in Ranchi. Sachin Tendulkar Says that It is time for Indian cricket fans to grow up and accept defeat as an important part of the game. "Sport is not about winning; it is about losing". No one can revolutionize the past but at all time learn from it and do better in the future. I think we should act in response to the success and failures with lot of responsibility as well as in balance. If we do that it becomes easier for everybody.

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