Tuesday, June 30, 2009

John Gloster Advised Indian players to Skip Next IPL

John Gloster,the former Indian physiotherapist has advised Indian players to skip the next IPL (Indian Premier League) in order to avoid mind fatigue forward of the ICC T20 World Cup which is planned to begin in April next year.

When I was working with the Indian team, I observed that the players frequently missed their families and that home sickness is a factor that cannot be ignored. I spent much time in India as well as have an Indian wife. So I know what are the emotional wishes of Indians, He said for a player like Cricket god Sachin Tendulkar, it's difficult to keep away from the family for lengthy periods. God of cricket Sachin loves his family as well as I believe he is not joyful spending much time away from home. So only I ask Indian players to Skip Next IPL.

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  1. Its real noel Sachin loves his family member very much than cricket.