Thursday, August 20, 2009

Defence Ministry Officials Ruined God Of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar's dream

Due to the security reasons Ministry officials not give permission to Cricket God Sachin to buy a bungalow in the hill town of Uttarakhand named "Dahelia Bank".the Bungalow is situated just few meters away from the Institute of Technology, which is also a part of the ministry.

When God of cricket Sachin went here in January this year with his family,he liked to buy that bungalow. But for the security reasons of Cricket God sachin Tendulkar Defence Ministry Officials said that the bungalow is very near to the institute as well as more sensitive area.

Cricket God Sachin is a World celebrity, whenever he comes to this bungalow, His Thousands of fans gathered and glimpse, may be terrorist taking advantage of this situation. So Defence Ministry Officials Ruined Sachin Tendulkar's dream only because of his personel safty.

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