Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God of Cricket Sachin open the gates freely to make Test cricket for school children

Last Day Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar , who was at the launch of Harsha Bhogle's latest book on cricket "Out of the Box" , emphasised the need to take school children to Test cricket to if it is to remain popular.God of Cricket Sachin said that ,I started playing cricket when I was five years old but the first time I watched a Test match in a stadium was when i was ten years old .That was the match India vs West Indies. It is clearly deep-rooted in my memory as well as that is one experience no kid will forget. The more we invite kids to the game, the more the sport grows,.So i suggested that one stand at every venue during Test matches should be kept free for the weekends to bring school children into the ground. IPL chairman Lalit Modi said that “One of the suggestions I gave to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) was to make Test cricket a day-night affair to allow people to come and watch it after their duty hours”.

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